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How to Choose between Generic and Brand Name Medications

The cost of prescription medicine has skyrocketed over the past several years. Many patients are left with the unpleasant choice between affording their medication and paying for the other necessities of life. Generic drugs can be an important tool when patients are looking for a more affordable alternative to brand-name prescriptions. However, not all generics …

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Inspirery Interview

My family was not wealthy when I was a child. I spent a lot of time in clinics for my healthcare. I was inspired by my pediatrician. He worked such long hours, but always had a great temperament …

Michael Basco

The History and Evolution of the Pharmaceutical Industry

After all, research and development dedicated to various forms of drugs have remained unparalleled by anything achieved in most other markers. The medical experts …

Saving Lives in Emergencies: Medical Needs of Doctors Without Borders

Access to basic healthcare and advanced medical procedures can be limited in many developing countries around the world. Especially when catastrophes strike, doctors and paramedical staff in these areas may be inadequate or non-existent at all. Responding to the call is Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF), an independent …

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Artificial Intelligence on Health Records

Technological advances over the decades have made major disruptions across multiple industries. From transportation, communication, and business, …


IdeaMensch Interview

I was evaluating the direction I wanted to take for the next stage of my career. I was considering whether I was going to stay in my clinical practice, or if I was going to use my experience and take a …

Lowering The Cost Of Health Care

That would be bringing new life into the world and then being part of the celebration of that. I’ve dealt with multiple generations of families and have cared for grandma, mom, sons, and then the sons get married and have children. Coming out to the waiting room and seeing all these familiar faces is just one big happy family and one big party.


4 Reasons Why You Should Get to Know Your Pharmacist

When you hear the words “healthcare professionals,” you probably think of doctors and nurses. However, there is another key member of your healthcare …


4 Reasons to Vaccinate Your Children

As parents, protecting your child’s health and caring for your family is the number one priority. From car seats to baby proofing the house, there are a multitude of methods …

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